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Build defenses and fight the horde of clockworkers in the current generation remake of the award-winning Nintendo DS game from 2008 - Lock’s Quest!

You take on the role of Lock, whose village is raided, which in turn leads to a massive war between the Kingdom army and a resurrected clockwork army led by the evil Lord Torment. A compelling story unfolds as you fight your way through 75 days of warfare protecting a dozen unique maps with a collection of all kinds of guns, traps and special attacks. Experience the game in never-before-seen quality with an excellent soundtrack, new, high-resolution portraits and redesigned gameplay.

Set up units of the Kingdom Army and defend your capital city in the new endless mode - Antonia Defense.

Build your fortifications every day and defend yourself against a timed clockwork attack. Stop the attack with dozens of guns, traps and helpers.

Constantly adapt your building and combat strategies as you get new materials and the opponent's AI improves continuously.
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