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Manufacturer's Description

1.Quick Play Mode

  • Allows the player to get straight into singing
  • Player can select any song within tracklist, difficulty level and if the song normally is a duet, which part they want to play
  • With 2 microphones, players can chose from Duet, Versus or Solo
  • Performance is rated

2. Single Player Mode

2.1 Sing It! School

  • Practice difficult elements of songs
  • Unlock extra and secret content
  • Divided in lessons focussing on a particular singing skill such as pitch, accuracy, breathing and harmony
  • Each lesson hosted by VO actor/ coach
  • Player gets 3 tries to reach max score. If achieved he gets a digital sticker to collect in the digital sticker book

2. 2 Gig Mode

2.3 Challenge Mode

3. Multi Player Mode

3.1 Duet

3.2 Versus

3.3 Gig Mode

3.4 Team Play

up to 8 players can play in 2 teams

  • Versus
  • Duet
  • Mix n Match


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