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Resident Evil 6 (Xbox One)

Resident Evil 6 (Xbox One)

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 Resident Evil is one of the best selling, and longest lasting franchises in gaming history. And although this is the sixth "main" game in the series, when all of the Survivor, Code, Outbreak, Chronicles and other games have been taken into account, over 20 games have born the Resident Evil name. The original game virtually invented the survival horror genre. And wile each subsequent iteration has moved the game more to a real time action style, the all important atmosphere of the original has always been a core part of the games' special appeal. Set in Easter Europe, RE 6 lets users play through three storylines, each of which is interconnected, but has its own feel and its own main playable character, either Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller. As with RE 5, the playable character is accompanied by a secondary character which is either computer controlled in the single player game, or can be controlled by a friend either locally or on-line. Once you complete all three of the scenarios, a fourth - in which you play Ada Wong in purely solo gameplay, is unlocked. After listening to user feedback from the fifth game, Capcom has made gameplay in RE 6 more fluid and fast moving. Items can now be picked up in real time and you can switch between weapons smoothly more quickly. Players can also target their weapon while moving, being unable to do so was a frustrating limitation of previous games in the series, but your speed of motion is restricted while you are using your firearm. Health can be restored by finding herbs and using them to create tablets, and thee is some strategy involved in using the resources most effectively. Tablets canbe used to revive your partner character too, but if either of you die, the game re-sets tot he last restore point. The shambling zombie foe of the previous game are joined by the J'avo - which can communicate and co-operate to plan their attacks, use weapons and heal one another. When killed some enemies release skill points which may be used to level up certain player characteristics. Resident Evil 6 aims to combine all that is familiar and popular from the previous games in the series, and introduce enough new thrills to keep even the most experienced RE player entertained.

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