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PS4, playstation



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In the late 13th century, a ruthless mongol army invades Tsushima in a quest to conquer all of Japan - but for Jin Sakai, one of the last surviving Samurai defenders, the battle has just begun, set aside Samurai tradition and forge a new path, the path of the ghost, as you wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Japan?

  • In war-torn tsushima, ancient beauty endures: in this open-world action adventure, you'll roam vast countryside and expansive terrain to encounter rich characters, discover ancient landmarks, and uncover the hidden beauty of tsushima.
  • the rise of the Ghost. In his quest to reclaim tsushima, Jin must seek support from old friends and new unlikely allies. He must break away from tradition, become a new kind of warrior, and protect what's left of his home at all costs.
  • mud, Blood, and steel, challenge opponents with your katana for an immersive Samurai combat experience, master the bow to eliminate distant threats, and develop stealth tactics to disorient and ambush enemies with surprise attacks
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