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Assassins Creed II (ps3)

Assassins Creed II (ps3)

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Become the mastermind behind the hero and nobleman Ezio Auditore da Firenza in the game Assassin's Creed II for Sony PlayStation 3. When tragedy hits, Ezio vows to be the one to end the conspiracy to destroy his family, just like his father before him. Aid him in this endeavor by studying the included database of the services, characters, and landmarks he will encounter and prepare an action plan. The game is set in Italy at the height of the Renaissance, in cities such as Venice, Florence, and San Gimignano. At your disposal are weapons created by Leonardo da Vinci from documents left by Altair, Ezio's predecessor. The game also features methods of hiding not included in the previous version, such as diving underwater and blending in with groups of people. You can even hire mercenaries and thieves to help Ezio fight and distract guards.

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