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LEGO Worlds PS4 Game

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Caret Down
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  • Explore an infinite galaxy of worlds made of LEGO®
  • Manipulate your surroundings with the multi-tool
  • Or make your own creations with the brick-by-brick tool
  • Unlock hidden treasure as you play
  • Save your worlds & re-visit them later

LEGO Worlds PS4 Game Description

Explore an entire galaxy of LEGO® Worlds where you're in control! Discover what each different world has to offer and collect items that will help you build anything you can imagine. Unlock hidden treasure and exciting new discoveries as you move through the game, ranging from vampires and polar bears to digging machines and race cars - these worlds are full of unexpected surprises. 

Use the multi-tool to manipulate the world around you; try moving the ground to create a mountain range or try and make some buildings. Or use the brick-by-brick editing tool to build absolutely anything! Make your newly created worlds come to life with a variety of quirky characters that you can customise and take on adventures - whether it's on a dragon or in


Caret Down

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Caret Down
LEGO Worlds PS4 Game Manortel
LEGO Worlds PS4 Game


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